Malá inventura

NABLÍZKO and Motus in Alfred ve dvoře  / performance for children


Anička Duchaňová – Anička a Letadýlko

A story about great wishes and small maybugs. The extremely good flavour from space attends human foods with unusual delicacy.  Joe Little Hen has a great culinary dream. Nela Nylon has lovely long legs. And when the maybugs show up, with a plan to dominate the world, you can look forward to a juicy story.

script and director: Anička Duchaňová

stage setting: Radka Mizerová

music and songs: Michal Němec – Jablkoň, Anička Duchaňová

dramaturgy: Petr Pola

performers: Anička Duchaňová, Michal Němec Jablkoň

photography: Petr Pola

duration:  50´

the performance is in Czech