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Ponec / 2 performances !!!

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Nela Kornetová

A man on the edge, (im)permeably locked inside his own time and space. WhoWhatWhichWhose, has become orphaned within the safety of his home. Nobody comes. He does not leave. He perseveres … only to return to the night of his heart. Questions emerge. Is WhoWhatWhichWhose sane? WhoWhatWhichWhose is not alone? What are the last moments before drowning in the sauce of living? Where are the limits?

concept, choreography, performer: Nela Kornetová; inspiration: texts Bazén a Smrt Martina Bernátka; scenography and costumes: Nela Kornetová and Iveta Ryšavá; light design: Martin Bitala; projection and graphics: Jan Husták; Tibetan bowls: Zdeňka Kotoučková and Tomáš Nováček; photography: Pavel Nesvadba;  production: Studio Marta; duration: 30´; no language barrier


Tereza Lenerová and Einat Ganz (ISR)

The Variable is a story of two people who pass each other. Sometimes they are very close; then they are miles apart. Is there anything constant between them, anything not subject to continual change? How much is their relationship based on the memories of the past, on plans for the future? What exactly is it right now?

concept, direction, performers: Tereza Lenerová and Einat Ganz; music: Brian Eno, Neu!, Ben Buchenbacher; costumes: Inbal Lieblich; light design: Tomáš Morávek based on designs by Omer Shizaf; photography: Amit Tzvigoren; production: Jakub Hradilek

duration: 25′; no language barrier