Malá inventura

Studio ALT@-Hala 30


NANOHACH & Fabrice Ramalingom /fr/

From his own past choreographic experiences Ramalingom has extracted and

digested the concept of metamorphosis, transformation to transcend states animals. His movements are manifold reveals the simplicity and re-refi ned its roots while keeping its thin sophistication.Brut is intended as light and intense, enigmatic and burning, animal and poetic.

conception, choreography: Fabrice Ramalingom

creation, dance: Eliška Kašparová, Paľo Kršiak j.h., Tereza Lenerová j.h., Honza Malík, Lea Švejdová

music: Jan Kalivoda

assistance with costumes: Kateřina Štefková

light design: Michael Vodenka

production and PR: Daniela Hodaňová & NANOHACH o.s. /

photo: Aneta Šebelková

duration: 50´

no language barrier