Malá inventura

Ponec Theatre


DOT504 Dance Company – Lenka Vágnerová & Pavel Mašek

“I live in a world where there are no animals – I miss their rules.”

Mah hunt is a project created by two dancers from the ensemble DOT504, Lenka Vágnerová and Pavel Mašek. The duet shows two people who decided to experience hunting. What will it be like? All depends on what rules will be set.

concept and choregraphy: Lenka Vágnerová & Pavel Mašek

interpretation: Lenka Vágnerová & Pavel Mašek

music: Ondřej Smeykal and musical collage

sound: Jan Středa

set design , costumes: Jakub Kopecký

light design: Jakub Kopecký, Jan Mlčoch

lights: Jan Mlčoch

photo: Petr Otta

duration: 55´

no language barrier