Malá inventura

NABLÍZKO  and Fred´Brunold Monstrkabaret at Archa Theatre / small stage


Džian Baban / Vojtěch Mašek

Hermann Schlechtfreund, a German literature giant, has announcced a weekend seminar of creative writing. Though, only one person shows up at the overpriced workshop. A hard and intransigent lesson awaits for him in which he literally touches the ground …
The different episodes from the series do not follow one another nor are lonked, and everything that has been said previously is forgotten or denied. Therefore the public can see the different parts in any kind of order and can attend a given episode without knowing anything from the previous ones.

performers: Eduard Jenicky a Václav Rašilov

screenplay : Džian Baban a Vojtěch Mašek

presents: NABLÍZKO o.s. and Fred´s Brunold Monstrkabaret

photo: Štěpán Látal

duration: 70´
the performance is in Czech