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Studio ALTA – Hala 31
lecturer: Jan Nepomuk Piskac
Allocution and dialogic skills, public speaking, self-presentation, coordination.

This is a course designed to develop public speaking skills and self-confident and clear communication with others. The basic educational approach is learning to speak or express oneself verbally, a process which is inseparable from use of the voice, gestures and movement.

The course offers an opportunity for participants to clearly and understandably present (and prepare) a text, whether their own or interpreted. It should be presented so as to convey its meaning, and in a self-confident and personal way. Public speaking is not merely “reading out” a text in front of others, but is also a way of presenting a clear and convincing viewpoint in the true as well as metaphorical sense. Public speaking not only requires the orator to focus on himself, but also on others, his spectators and audience.

The course is designed for teachers, students, managers, active politicians, social workers, medicine doctors, media staff, culture organisers, artists and active citizens. all those who, as part of their profession. For all who use the written or spoken word, those who formulate texts as well as those who afterwards present these texts

For more than ten years the lecturere has been involved in the development of the psychosomatic approach to learning, study and the creative arts in the Department of Author Work and Pedagogy of DAMU University, from which he graduated. Under the leadership of prof. Ivan Vyskocil it is educated here i.e. “dialogic communication“, “speech education” and „authorial reading“. JNP specialises in the disciplines “allocution” and “speech communication”. Since 2009 he has been a lecturer in public speaking and speech education.

minimum of participants: 6, maximum 10
participants´fee: 3000CZK / 125EUR
it is suitable the participants bring thein own or their favourite texts
no language barrier
info and applications: nebo na 777 186 461 do 9.2.2011


NABLÍZKO  and Fred´Brunold Monstrkabaret at Archa Theatre / small stage


Džian Baban / Vojtěch Mašek

Hermann Schlechtfreund, a German literature giant, has announcced a weekend seminar of creative writing. Though, only one person shows up at the overpriced workshop. A hard and intransigent lesson awaits for him in which he literally touches the ground …
The different episodes from the series do not follow one another nor are lonked, and everything that has been said previously is forgotten or denied. Therefore the public can see the different parts in any kind of order and can attend a given episode without knowing anything from the previous ones.

performers: Eduard Jenicky a Václav Rašilov

screenplay : Džian Baban a Vojtěch Mašek

presents: NABLÍZKO o.s. and Fred´s Brunold Monstrkabaret

photo: Štěpán Látal

duration: 70´
the performance is in Czech


Divadlo Archa


a musical-theatre show

Jana Svobodová and Hana Andronikova


The Jesters, Spies and Presidents project is a follow up to the All Star Refugee Company’s successful production of Dance Through the Fence. What would happen if the next Czech president were Syrian refugee Džuan Šedin? The performance was modeled on the current political situation in Europe, in particular the growing wave of neo-Nazism, xenophobia and racism.
concept: Jana Svobodová and Hana Andronikova

script: Hana Andronikova
director and scenography:  Jana Svobodová
music: Michael Romanyshyn
costumes and props: Štěpán Růžička
light design: Pavla Beranová
sound: Jan Středa
featuring the members of the Allstar Refjúdží Band: Petra Lustigová, Miran Kasem, Jing Lu,
Eva Hromníková, Phillip Schenker, Ivana Hessová j.h.
photo: Srdjan Stanojevič
duration: 90´
the performance is in Czech



Ponec Theatre


DOT504 Dance Company – Lenka Vágnerová & Pavel Mašek

“I live in a world where there are no animals – I miss their rules.”

Mah hunt is a project created by two dancers from the ensemble DOT504, Lenka Vágnerová and Pavel Mašek. The duet shows two people who decided to experience hunting. What will it be like? All depends on what rules will be set.

concept and choregraphy: Lenka Vágnerová & Pavel Mašek

interpretation: Lenka Vágnerová & Pavel Mašek

music: Ondřej Smeykal and musical collage

sound: Jan Středa

set design , costumes: Jakub Kopecký

light design: Jakub Kopecký, Jan Mlčoch

lights: Jan Mlčoch

photo: Petr Otta

duration: 55´

no language barrier


Motus a New Web in Alfred ve dvoře


Bojan Jablanovec / SI/

The stories about being a victim of consumption’s love ideology sprang up, scenes about searching for new but at the same time more and more ridiculous and absurd ways to satisfy need for love and need to be loved, were created. Casablanca is a performance about love as a misunderstanding, packed with cheese romantic songs and love clichés. It exploits theatre as a group therapy; performance culminates with the invitation to the audience to come on stage and touch performers following the instructions on their laptops. Casablanca therapy is a performance desperately needing to be touched by the audience and risks to be disappointed again and again.

The project was made as part of an international enterprise entitled DNA (Development of New Art) as a production of the Nova sit initiative. After a couple successful European tour, it is to be performed just twice in the Czech Republic in Prague.

concept and director: B. Jablanovec / SI, Via Negativa/

performers: M.L Stentebjerk (DK), E.C. Ajanki (DK), A. Wach (PL), M..Tuka (PL), G. Zorc (SI)

light and sound: J. Oven (SI)

production: A. Světlíková (CZ)

photo: M. Andrea (SI)

producers: New Web Association and the DNA project partners: Glej Theatre (SI), L1 DanceLab (HU); Entre scénen (DK), A4 (SK), Katedra kultury (PL)

duration: 70´

the performance is in English with Czech subtitles