Malá inventura

About the festival

A journey through a white hole into the theatre universe!

Welcome to the star gate of the ninth Small Inventory Festival. Your eagerness to witness the phenomena of new Czech theatre will pull you into the festival’s strong gravitational field. THEATRE IS EVERYWHERE! The white hole in the middle of our catalogue is like a source, a solid and massive point emitting matter and light with incredible force. Through this tiny frame you will see the world from which the theatre universe is born. Come and watch with us! The expanding forms of new theatre will make you weightless.

Let yourself be drawn in!


Adriana Světlíková / first pilot
Jarmila Pávková / fuel tank engineer
Šárka Havlíčková / flight warden and gravity controller from outer orbit
Dagmar Kantorková / stellar communicator and star dust research expert
Olga Cieslarová /flag officer, ground control, flight media expert
Markéta Krausová / ground control
Monika Pohořelá / stewardess
Michala Piskačová / flight manual
Hynek Zlatník / communication systems compatibility
Andre Swoboda / communication systems compatibility check
Pavel Kodeda / module design

Small Inventory presents the best from the prague and regional project works. Almost two tens productions crossing the borders between dance, physical, authorial and experimental theatre will be shown in co-operation with prague production houses or associations  (Archa, Alta, Alfred ve dvoře, Ponec, MeetFactory, NoD).

The festival is organized by the New Web Association.

We connect people and organizations to make creative art and live art an organic part of everyday life. By supporting creativity and free action, we are helping to develop contemporary art and civic society in the Czech Republic and abroad.