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A course designed to develop competence in and conditions of public communication

How to present in public a text, whether your own or interpreted? We offer feedback and consultation to those who are preparing to present speeches to the public. We offer space for practical training, verification an

The basic educational approach is learning to speak and express oneself verbally. The experience from the course should lead to self-confident management of spoken text, to understanding the logic and structure of the text, development of the imagination, critical consideration of one’s own or the interpreted text and free play with language.

The course is designed for teachers, managers, officials, politicians, journalists, moderators, lawyers, social workers, medical staff, theatre actors, anyone whose profession involves close contact with the public, presenting public speeches, tutoring or training, etc.

lecturer: Jan Nepomuk Piskac

For more than ten years he has been involved in the development of the psychosomatic approach to learning, study and the creative arts in the Department of Author Work and Pedagogy of DAMU University, from which he graduated and where he was a host lecturer for 10 years. He specialises in the disciplines included in “dialogic communication” and “speech education”, for details see

The course will be held on 23–26 February 2011 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the ALT@ Studio – Hall 31, U Vystaviste, Praha 7

Minimum course attendance – 7, maximum course attendance – 10

Fee: 3000 CZK

The participants are invited to bring their text (whether their own or from their favourite author) of any genre

Applications to be sent to or call 777 186 461, before 9 February 2011.


This is an animation photography workshop during which you capture the atmosphere of the Small Inventory festival. The closing presentation of photographs from the workshop will be held during the festival party on 26 February.

This project aims to free us from routine and rigidly stereotypical perceptions of reality. It is designed for all those who want to perceive the surrounding world differently, to reinterpret events, meetings, landscape, town, symbols, etc. The project will result in perhaps a fresher look at the surrounding world, and allow us to poetically and subjectively interpret our approach to everyday reality. Photography is perceived not only as the preparation of an image artefact but also as a form of social perception and communication through images.

The participants will join in a dialogue on visualising, reading images, the application of visual sociology, delusions, stereotypes, prejudice, experience, social reality, etc. Projections of photographs (landscape, urban, stills, ceremonies, everyday images, objects, architecture, social events, portraits) and their joint interpretation will motivate participants to take a creative look at reality in all its meanings and poetic forms.

Mgr. Jiri Siostrzonek, PhD., lecturer

He is a teacher at the Institute of Creative Photography at the Silesian University in Ostrava. He lectures at universities in Poland. He is constantly involved in culture animation, visual sociology, creative art and experience psychology.

He is author of The Animation of Culture (Polish Inspiration).The course will be held on 23–26 February 2011 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at Cafe NONA, Narodni 4, Praha 1

Ideal course attendance – 5

Fee: 2000 CZK

The participants are invited to bring their own camera

Applications to be sent to or call 777 186 461, before 9 February 2011.


A workshop of critical thinking and writing organised by the A2 Cultural Fortnightly

This workshop is designed for those who are interested in critical thinking and writing about theatre, namely students, columnist beginners and the general public. We will discuss and write about two performances from the programme of the Small Inventory festival – Mah Hunt performed by DOT504 and Kadewe in Meet Factory. The workshop aims to lead the participants to independent thinking about theatre in the broader cultural and art context, to verbal and, most importantly, written formulations of critical thoughts and to realising the fact that the written text, when introduced into the public space, opens itself up to further reflection. The workshop therefore includes discussions with authors, in which the participants will learn to formulate their questions and compare their consideration with the author’s intentions.Course schedule

(time and place of meeting may change depending on availability of the participants)

23 February, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., A2 headquarters, Americka 2, Praha 2 – 1st participants’ meeting. We shall clarify the interests and background of the workshop participants, say what and how should be seen in the performances. Rudiments of theatre critics and publicity: why, for whom and how we write; printed media vs. internet; journalist genres.

23 February, 8 p.m., Ponec theatre – Mah Hunt performed by DOT504; after the performance a short discussion will be held with the authors and the participants will be assigned to write a review.

24 February, 4 p.m. – 6 p.m., A2 headquarters, Americka 2, Praha 2 – 2nd participants’ meeting, joint work with the reviews.

26 February, 8 p.m., Meet Factory – Kadewe performance, after the performance a short discussion will be held with the authors and the participants will be assigned to write a review.

27 February, 1 p.m. – 4 p.m., A2 headquarters, Americka 2, Praha 2 – 3rd participants’ meeting, joint work with the reviews, discussion on the performances, closing summary.

lecturer: Mgr. Jana Bohutinska

She works as a theatre editor at the A2 cultural fortnightly and as an editor in Dance Zone. She graduated in aesthetics and theatre science from the FF UK and has been involved in theatre and dance critique and publicity for more than ten years. She works as a journalist, editor and editor in chief in other magazines focusing on culture or business. She has attended specialised seminars in theatre critique, creative writing and copywriting.

Minimum attendance – 6, maximum attendance – 10

Participants are kindly requested to attach their own review of a theatre performance of no more than 2 standard pages and brief information about themselves.

Fee: 800 CZK (includes two tickets to Small Inventory festival performances)

The workshop will be held in Czech.

For applications and information, contact