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New Web presents Small Inventory Festival 2012!

21. – 29.2. 2012

Dear spectators,

We are glad to present an anniversary edition of the Small Inventory Festival  under the title Czech Theatre DNA. Already for ten years we have been participating on evolution and spreading of awareness of an original Czech Theatre DNA – its mystery will be partly revealed in the presentation of the best projects that took place in the last season on the Czech scene and beyond.
Ten years of the Small Inventory Festival – Ten years of solid theatre work.
Join the New Web association in exploring the results of our research and discover the individual elements of the Czech Theatre DNA, without which the complicated code would never be created!

Festival organizer
Nová síť New Web
Osadní 26, 170 00, Praha 7
www.novasit.cz | tel: 777 186 461

Guest centre
information, acredation — open 11 am–6 pm
throughout the festival at Café NONA
www.cafenona.cz | e-mail: guestcentre@novasit.cz | tel: 773 084 412

Festival club Blink
open every day from 6 pm, Prag market hall
n.8, entry near Alza, club keeper: ART Prometheus
tel: 777 186 461, www.facebook.com/KluBlink

Festival Team of Small Inventory 2012
festival main organiser Adriana Světlíková
financial manager Jarmila Pávková
supervision Šárka Havlíčková
PR Dagmar Kantorková
production Kamila Samková
graphic designer Jakub Troják
editor of catalogue Helena Jura

guest centre Alena Přibáňová

language editor Andre Swoboda

NEW WEB Association
We connect people and organizations to make creative art and live art an organic part of everyday life. By supporting creativity and free action, we are helping to develop contemporary art and civic society in the Czech republic and abroad.
New Web was established as an independent initiative in 2004. Over the nine years of its existence The New Web has supported 76 stage projects for which it arranged 378 reprises in the Czech Republic and abroad, provided 12 art residencies, collaborated with nearly 200 artis or art groups, and has worked closely with more than 55 organizations involved in similar fields in the Czech Republic and 7 Prague production companies. The New Web has organized 5 international projects, issued 2 publications and held more than 20 public debates and 1 international conference on the performing arts and cultural projects. It has participated four times in the Small Inventory festival, four times as the main organizer, and has initiated the Great Inventory travelling regional festival seven times. The
New Web has held worshops and seminars, created a praktical map of contacts and informatik, provided countless arnice and consultation. The New Web assosiation has already for the second time successfully received the support from the EU programme Culture.
…and is here for you and your ideas 360 days a year

||)) ||\\|| //\\ Development of New Art || Continuum 2011 – 2013
is a project of the 8 European cultural NGO: New Web (Czech Republic), BORA BORA (Denmark), Schloss Bröllin (Germany), L1 Association (Hungary), Fish Eye artistic association (Lithuania), Chorea Theatre Association (Poland), A4 (Slovakia), Glej Theatre (Slovenia).

||)) ||\\|| //\\ supports talented emerging artists, their creative growth and exchange of experiences, intercultural competences, trans-national mobility and good professional reconnection. The project is twisting the new vital spiral of the European Performing Arts with special attention to the strings of Performance, Dance, Physical theatre, Visual Art, New Media, Street Art and New Theatre Art.