Aktualní web Malé inventury 2016 naleznete zde.



>>> Preparation for the 14th edition of the Malá Inventura festival 2016 in full swing!

More information coming soon! 



>>> The programme of autumn MALÁ INVENTURA JIČÍN and MALÁ INVENTURA OPAVA just confirmed!

MALÁ INVENTURA JIČÍN / 17. - 20. 9. 2015

MALÁ INVENTURA OPAVA / 12. - 16. 10. 2015



>>> We are very happy, that The Malá inventura Festival 

has been recognized by EFFE International Jury 

to receive the EFFE Label 2015-2016!!!





>>> Closing of the Malá Inventura festival was a success! Thanks to all who came!




>>> 25 / 2 / 2015 - Yesterday you could listen to presentations of successful applicants for grants from the Norwegian funds.


>>> Malá Inventura continues / Prague post

>>> Malá Inventura also for chilldren - ČT ZPRÁVIČKY.

>>> 23 / 2 / 2015 - Just runs a networking session Looking for New Partners! Presentations are almost over. Festival programme contunues with performances Inferno - Variations on Dante in NoD and vadí-nevadí.cz in Archa Theatre.


>>> 23 / 2  - 3.30 pm in the NEST / Looking for New Partners - networking session

Thanks to international collaborations and meetings at Malá Inventura, many projects have been created – from initial ideas, collaboratively sharing visions, to finding new work partners and experiences. Do not miss!

More info here.


>>> 22 / 2 2015 - Concentrated atmosphere during the discussion on the theme of Solitude in Art. 

>>> 20/2/2015 - Festival party

>>> 17 / 2 2015 First northerners have already settled in the nest. Weatreh conditions are ideal. We welcome new visitors!



>>> Malá inventura nového divadla již po třinácté / FMZINE

>>> Petit inventaire du théâtre nouveau à Prague / Radio Prague

>>> Three Questions for Krepsko 


>>> 13. 2. 2015 TODAY began installing the festival center at the Veletržní palác - THE NEST


>>> OPEN CALL - Take his/her/its breath away / a project stock exchange

Have a date with your project. A project stock exchange, a chance to present yourself, your project, group, organization or place.

For registered participants only – English required

Application here!


>>> Invitation to the opening of the festival center The Nest


>>> Festival of New Theater from February 19th to 25th, 2015 / Expats.cz

>>> Malá Inventura showcases new theater / The Prague Post  

>>> New Blood on the Stage

To the programme were selected:
Florent Golfier – UMBILICUS
Jiří Šimek, Sára Arnsteinová - GOG
Helena Šťávová, Jakub Rataj – THE ART OF MANIPULATION


>>> Scandinavia House - The Nordic performances at the Malá inventura festival 2015




The number thirteen is considered unlucky. 

However the current thirteenth year of Malá inventura festival is ready for everything!
Any problem, obstruction, failure or criticism will be accepted with expectations. Rumor, gossips or ill wishing individuals…!

The only scenario we are actually afraid of is the opposite. Great mood, sold out venues, great networking sessions, smiling people???

There could be more reasons to be satisfied. For example the main programme – new stuff from established Czech artists like Farma v jeskyniVerTeDanceHanda Gote or Wariot Ideal…or recent graduates – New Blood on the Stage...Not to mention the favorite festival center – The Love Nest set in National Gallery that features fluffy snow and snowball fight games!

We don’t even want to think of it!

It sure is not possible to like all 35 events at the festival, whether it’s the legendary Krepsko, Dancing in the studio Alt@rt, visually unique project Animal Kingdom or musically oriented CorrecionAnd what about performances for kids?!Oh God! Those kids might easily enjoy shows like Karlík or Vivi. No! No way! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

Let’s start 19th of February, sharp. At the Archa Theatre will be presented you with a project Trumpets in the Sky / NOR, CZ, FIN, SWE / that was extremely difficult to convey, both in terms of vision and sound. It will be available for almost two days! The longer the better, correct? Let us remember the number thirteen!

We would like to invite you to unforgettable 13th year of Malá inventura festival!

What else to say?

Just keep calm! Everything is gonna work out completely differently.

Don´t break a leg!

Your Adris and her skyteam