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About the Festival

Malá inventura festival is a showcase of the most significant projects in the field of New theatre in Prague. The goal of the festival is to support exposure of these projects, present Czech culture in abroad and to facilitate networking and collaboration among artists.

Every year our festival team does the best to make foreign and regional promoters come to Prague for the last week of February. People with whom we have cooperated within the past year or simply those we have met come, among them managers, dramaturges, producers, curators or those who simply care for culture. They chose among the festival projects and further promote new theatre abroad and around the regions of the Czech Republic. One of the festival’s objectives is to offer enough time and space for encounters – networking of promoters, artists and festival organizers.

The festival wants to put on centre stage the phenomenon of new theatre, a field that has undergone dynamic development within the last decade. Also, new theatre has helped reveal that people of different generations share the same values and lifestyle.

The festival is organized by Nová síť, a Czech cultural network. It observes the theatre situation in every region. It offers tutoring. It enables sharing and exposure of ideas. Last but not least it supports new artistic residency.  The festival is part of european network ||)) ||\\|| //\\ - Development of New Art ​.

Nová síť is also iniciating 'Czech Theatre DNA' awards as a tribute to the outstanding artists, companies and supporters that have been contributing most to the development of new theatre in the Czech Republic. 

Immediately after the festival follows Performing V4 - Biennal of VARP-PA Residents succeeding the festival from February 26. to 28.

For more information: Nová síť, DNA



Festival center of Malá inventura 2015

The ground floor of Veletržní palác already hosted the Nest one year ago. Allergic people still surely remember the amount of feathers lying on the ground; sometimes covered only by a transparent foil. In the worst scenario, the feathers were flying around in the shape of omnipresent, tickling pieces. Yes, this is how the first Nest looked like. This year we take it further. We are getting rid of the allergens and introducing cozy, pleasant space instead (which was our goal!). Our motto is: if there is not a winter behind the windows (inside point of view), there will be winter behind the windows (outside point of view) – we have created snow hills to please all the folks from Norway, Sweden and Finland. But we are sure that even the inhabitants of Prague, Bohemia, Moravia and the southern regions will enjoy it. We hope to please all of those who love winter, have never experienced winter or hate winter.

Come to the Nest to play snowball fights or perhaps to ski. We can guarantee you will not freeze there!

We offer warm snow – made of wool. It is really soft to touch. 

We would also like to encourage all knitters to join our guerilla invasion. Street art is not just about graffiti anymore. Forget your sprays, wool is the answer! 

Apart from winter fun, relaxation and Norwegian knitting patterns, the Nest will offer various activities that were created in collaboration with lecturers’ department of National Gallery in Prague.

For more information about the Nest programme please click here.