BESTIARY – 28. 2. / 18:00 / STUDIO ALTA

28. 2. / 18:00 / STUDIO ALTA


Originally inspired by the allegorical transformations of real and imaginary animals in medieval bestiaries, BESTIÁŘ is a movement theater performance that revolves around 150 kg of sculptor’s clay, as well as live music, puppetry, and fragments of text, in a dream-like narrative about the human figure confronted by a centuries-old moral crisis.


Concept / režie: Peter Gaffney a Zuzana Smolová; (v představení použity fragmenty z textů Williama Burroughse, Suelyho Rolnika a Tajné kroniky Mongolů)
Music: Peter Gaffney
Stage setting: Peter Gaffney a Zuzana Smolová
Light design: Jiří Šmirk

Performing: Peter Gaffney a Zuzana Smolová

Supported by: Kredance prostor, Cesta žije, Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Nadace Život umělce, Sladovna Písek, Divadlo na cucky
Premiere: 14. 12. 2016, Olomouc

50 min / short texts in English, Czech and Spanish language

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