DIE RACHE – 24. 2. / 16:00 & 20:00 / STUDIO ALTA

24. 2. / 16:00 & 20:00 / STUDIO ALTA


Two women and two men, joined by crime and the desire for revenge. With this story of vengeance, Handa Gote explores the thin layer that separates the civilizational husk from the animal core. All it takes is a minor tremor to lay bare the animal essence. Revenge. Love.

The rules of revenge are a dark reminder of a time when only one law counted – the law that man wrote himself. But this law remains attractive even in a civilization that takes pride in its level of organization, its norms, and its legal system. Revenge is universally comprehensible and functions across cultures. People of all social classes are capable and willing to take vengeance or at least to enjoy a story of revenge.
Handa Gote consciously works with a simple subject and simple story structure, like the kind we find in most movies or works of literature on the subject of vengeance. The actors’ performances are based on collective research and make use of various elements of Noh theater, silent-era acting, and minimalist dance. Die Rache is a meditation on the phenomenon of revenge leading to perdition. We do not know the backgrounds of the story’s characters or what preceded the events of the performance, but we see where they are inexorably headed.


Prepared: Procházka, Mäkelä, Švábová, Kalivodová, Smolík, Housková, Dörner, Hybler, Svatoš, Skála
Production manager:  Jedefrau.org (Maria Cavina)

Performing: Švábová, Kalivodová, Mäkelä, Procházka

Suported by: The City of Prague, the Czech Ministry of Culture
Premiere: 30. 3. 2017 Studio ALTA, Praha

70 min / no language barrier

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