GIVE ME 10 MINUTES (No.2) – 26. 2. / 14:30 / STUDIO ALTA

26. 2. / 14:30 / STUDIO ALTA

GIVE ME 10 MINUTES – presentations od the projects of new theatre.

26. 2. / 14:30 / STUDIO ALTA

Shadow Meadow / Jan Mocek

Please Leave a Message / Divadlo Continuo

Chyba: Vít Nezval & kolektiv

Úvod do práce s počítačem / Petr Vaněk a kol.



When you look into the darkness, the darkness begins to look at you. Shadow Meadow is a dark ambient visual poem about non – presence. It offers the audience an extreme theater experience – vibrating space, physically perceived sounds, images on the retina, and a sense of timelessness and other dimensions.



Performance of dance and physical theatre

Body movement at the boundary of physical abilities, black dominant planes and white trajectories, which make a composition of motion, visual art and music. Physical acting takes turns visual images, the comic changes into the tragic, the vertical into the horizontal and vice versa. Finally, we do not know what is up, what is down, who is inside, who is outside, and mainly why we live in the world where ʺwe do not look for the truth, but only for confirmation of our own prejudices֞̋ . Why we live in the world where we do not feel at home, although we have created it, and everyday routine of learned trajectories is merely confirmation of its boundaries.

̋ The world, as you know it, has just ended ̋ .


This new production by Director Vít Neznal’s international creative team blurs the boundaries between new circus and physical theater. 
It is almost guaranteed that during this performance not a single error will be made.



Please welcome Jaromír Stromšík, a figure inspired by the late Czech internet legend Michal Kolesa. And behind him, in the distance of mental and artistic movements, we can see the actor Petr Vaněk, the author of the text of René Levinský, Johana Švarcová and Marta Ljubková.

“Instructor Jaromír Stromšík, 34, single, childless. Jaromír’s hands are oriented continuously almost vertically, perpendicular to the floor line, no muscles or other similar mass can be seen on his arms. Hands are fixed to the body only cursorily, or higgledy-piggledy. Both shoulder hinges are heavily loosened. It is only with difficulty that Jaromir resists the forces of gravity, his walking is slow and chaste. He often relies on walls. Walls, depending on structure of its surface, he also like it to caress. Jaromír is well prepared. All materials are properly arranged in fron of him.”

90 minutes / in English
free entrance

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