MINE – 22. 2. / 22:00 / STUDIO ALTA

22. 2. / 22:00 / STUDIO ALTA


Mine : a rich source
Mine : an explosive device
Mine : something that belongs to me
Mine : to dig in… in order to obtain something precious

MINE is a physical concert/operetta about the sense of possessing and the instinctual drive within human nature to make territories, to own things. What is our personal experience of (not)having? How do we claim our personal space? Does our personal universe reflect the larger social cosmos?

MINE is the fourth production by the independent art collective T.I.T.S.. It investigates the intersections between physical expression, visual form, sound and voice.

Welcome on a journey into the obsession of possessing.

Enjoy the ride.

Concept: Nela H. Kornetová
Sound designe: Björn Hansson
Scenography, light, costume: Heidi Dalene

Performing: Nela H. Kornetová, Lærke Grøntved, Tobias Shaw Petersen, Josephine Kylén-Collins

World premiere: 15.11.2017, Black Box, Oslo
Czech premiere: 23.11. Studio Alta, Praha
Supported by: Norsk Kulturråd – Norwegian Ministry of Culture, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fond pro utøvende kunstnere, Norden – Kulturkontakt Nord, Black Box Theater Oslo, Blå Grotte, DansiT, Kredance and Švestkový dvůr, Studio Alta, Stanica-Žilina-Záriečie

80 min / English friendly

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