Cult of Busy – 24. 2. / 20:00 / Studio ALTA

24. 2. / 20:00 / Studio ALTA


“Cult of Busy” aims to research the mental and physical experience of being busy in our technocratic age.

Through movement, visual material, sound, video and text, “Cult of Busy” will be an -audio-visual dance performance. During our artistic residencies we aim to interview local businessmen, factory workers and students, and draw an inspiration from their lives in connection with our personal reality. All the performance material will be based upon a reflection of our current state as “human doings”.

Concept: Nela H. Kornetová
Performers: Tobias Shaw Petersen, Katrin Leth Nielsen, Anders Firing Aardal a Nela H. Kornetová
Scenography, light, video design: Jan Hajdelak Husták
Premiere: 16.8. 2018, Teater Momentum, Odense

85 min, Czech and English


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