HUNT – 25. 2. / 18:00 / La Fabrika

25. 2. / 18:00 / La Fabrika

Bratři v tricku a Holektiv

A gamekeeper’s romance full of circus trophies

Dear friends, welcome to today’s hunt in the name of gamekeepers’ company The Trick Brothers and the game enclosure Holektiv. We would like you to observe all the security measures. Don’t shoot ducks that fly low and as for the deer shoot just the weak ones. Be careful as a hurt goose might be troublesome. You can add another trophy to hundreds of foxes and does. But again – be careful – a lot of women might cause trouble and a hunter might become a game animal. We are inviting you to a great banquet at the end of the hunt. A piglet is tender, beer is properly chilled and the band has a great zest. Have a nice weather, duck call in tune, straight pellets, good shot and GOOD LUCK!

The Trick Brothers met Holektiv in La Fabrika in Holešovice in May 2007 and then the idea of their common project arose. Seemingly delicate women of Holektiv – Andrea Vykysalá, Karolína Křížková a Eva Stará – are able to perform acrobatics easily and use simple gestures and means of expression to combine physical theatre, acrobatics, dancing and clown’s elements. The Trick Brothers – Adam Jarchovský and Václav Jelínek – is a unique juggling duo in the Czech Republic. They specialize in combining technically exacting juggling with theatrical expression that is based on gags and principles of grotesque.

Performed by: Andrea Vykysalá, Karolína Křížková, Eva Stará, Adam Jarchovský a Václav Jelínek
Concept, director: Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauchová
Music: Julie Lupačová
Lights: Ondřej Kyncl
Production: ART Prometheus, Michaela Holbíková
Supported by: Hl.m. Praha, Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Státní fond kultury ČR, městská část Praha 7 a Nadace Život umělce

Premiere: 11. a 12.dubna 2018, La Fabrika

70 min, English friendly

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