J+M / 24. 2. / 16:00 / A Studio Rubín

24. 2. / 16:00 / Studio Rubín

Rufina Bazlova

Hansel+Gretel. Light+darkness. Fairy tale+horror

At the time of the Gingerbread house fairy tale origin, there was famine in Europe. It was so severe that sometimes parents had to get rid of their own children to feed at least themselves. That could not happen today … or maybe it could? And can you imagine hallucinating from hunger?

Direction: Rufina Bazlova
Appearing: Šimon Dohnálek, Lenka Nahodilová, Daniel Horečný, Stephanie Van Vleet (or Edita Valášková)
Dramaturgy: Anežka Berkmanová

Premiere: 3. 5. 2018

30 min, English

Supported by DAMU and Život umělce Foundation

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