The Cabinet of curiosities – 22. 2. / 21:00 / Studio ALTA

22.2. / 21:00 / Studio ALTA

Lucia Kašiarová, Štěpán Hejzlar, Marie Gourdain and Guests

Performative-visual installation, in which spectators leave everyday logic behind and enter other parts of their personalities.

The Cabinet of curiosities is a collection of strange objects and performances that speak directly to your unconscious. In the intimate cabaret space there are bizarre creatures, who, as the secular from the next world are nonchalantly breaking the laws of physics, biology or astronomy… Is it magic or deception? Do not be afraid of us. Our irrational microcosm will cure you of the mundane worries, it will fulfil your most daring desires, and make you objects of a beautiful surreal image.

Members of the Cabinet of curiosities: Lucia Kašiarová, Štěpán Hejzlar, Marie Gourdain and guests.

Each performance is unique and includes several performances. Spectators of individual performances are chosen by the Universe.


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