LIKE ME IF YOU CAN – 25. 2. / 18:00, 20:00 / CROSS ATTIC

25. 2. / 18:00, 20:00 / CROSS ATTIC


Everyone has been unhappily in love. Everyone who is growing up, would like to look different. Everyone has felt, at least once, that nobody understands them.

The theatre group Performalita goes back to their own adolescence and finds that the problems and situations haven’t changed much over time, but they can now be viewed from a different perspective. Can this be the reason why people from different generations misunderstand each other so frequently? Is it possible for an intergenerational dialogue to not judge, moralize or trivialize – but form a platform for mutual understanding? So Like Me If You Can!

Director:  Dana Račková
Dramaturgy:  m.p. (Petr Dlouhý)
Scenic design: Jana Hauskrechtová
Cast: Karolina Zajdel, Filip Šebšajevič
Light: David Janeček
Production: Performalita
Special thanks: Paulina Dobosz, Jakub Jedlička, Michaela Ďuriníková, Tereza Kuchařová, Nenad Živanović, Michael Fiala, Jakub Hlavnička

The performance was part of the international project Young Visegrad ImagiNation, which financially supported the International Visegrad Fund in 2017/2018. The performance was also supported financially by Art District 7 (Prague 7) and the Nadace Umění pro zdraví (Art for Health Foundation).

Premiere: 27. 6. 2018, Kampus Hybernská

60 min, Czech with English subtitles

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