Bluebeard – 22. 2. / 20:00 / Studio Hrdinů

22. 2. / 20:00 / Studio Hrdinů

Modrovous – Studio Hrdinů

The central topic of Dea Loher’s dramatic work is the issue of guilt, past long-standing offences that are mirroring into the presence. Jindřich Bluebeard repeatedly commits murder and by this he deepens his memories of his first unlikely but fatal love. It ended with a suicide of a girl who wanted to preserve the beauty of their relationship until death. During one night, Bluebeard is confronted with different forms of love.  . The actual acts of committing a murder are perceived by him as normal acts  on the edge of being charitable. The creators emphasize the dream dimension of this freak show that goes around in circles, in which various forms of femininity are directed towards the funeral catharsis in the name of love.

Author: Dea Loher
Director: J. Horák a M. Pěchouček
Scene: J. Horák a M. Pěchouček
Costumes: Tereza Hrzánová
Music: Dominik Gajarský
Dramaturgy: J. Horák a M. Pěchouček
Cast: Eva Hacurová, Agáta Kryštůfková, Sára Jan Märcová, Cyril Dobrý
Premiere: 26. 11. 2018
95 min, Czech

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