The truth on 17/11 – 25. 2. / 20:00 / NOD

25. 2. / 20:00 / NOD


“In every society there are topics that we do not talk about or we are unable to talk about. You do not ask until you are of a certain age. Then you revolt and you start asking.”

The young generation group of 11:55 has decided to open a topic that is seemingly solved in the Czech society, and by this they are closing their pulp fiction trilogy, which over the years has been created under the direction of Petra Tejnorová. The first part, called Umění braku ON AIR (The art of pulp fiction ON AIR), tells the story of detective John Sinclair, the Son of Light. The second part brought about the pulp fiction classic – image Of Victorian England, attacked by alien plague and a zombie apocalypse. In the third part, we are returning to our presence. We no longer have to look for pulp fiction in cheap paper back, we tend to feel that we live in it; newspapers, magazines and our smart phone screens are jammed with it.

People, tired of our complicated history after the Velvet revolution, they are again beginning to desire an easier, more comprehensible world that does not ask questions. We want to ask before we wake up one day and get the ready answers. We want to become our own reporters.

Actors: Michal Bednář, Bořek Joura, Martin Dědoch, Daniela Šišková, Tereza Volánková, Jan Hofman
Screenplay: Jan Tošovský, Petra Tejnorová and team 11:55
Direction: Petra Tejnorová
Dramaturgy: Jan Tošovský
Music: Jan Čtvrtník
Light design: Tomáš Morávek
Scene and costumes: Adriana Černá
Video-design: Dominik Žižka
Production: Karolína Soukupová, Lucie Špačková, Ludmila Veřtátová
Photo: Ondřej Kudyn
Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, City of Prague

Premiere: 27. 3. 2018, NOD

90 minut, Czech


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