REFUGE – 21. 2. / 20:00 / DOX+

21. 2. / 20:00 / DOX+


We hit the bank, we will not drown,
we will just remain insane. Just
strange. Memory, a handful of coins in a burning lake.
And naked unprotected
Become a rock, not feel.

(Anna Ondrejková, fragment)

They set off on a journey. From fear. With no guarantees. The paths of three people intersect. Connected to each other, they overcome a region landscape terrain of anxiety, courage, failure and compassion. They seek shelter in an indifferent world. When there is nowhere to return to, all that is left is to be awakened. The performance was inspired by interviews with a community of young people living in London who while on the run experienced a limit situation. A stage composition balanced on the border between physical theatre and concert featuring seven exceptional musical and dance performers.

The performance is dedicated to our friends from Tibet.

Created by: Andrej Petrovič, Rin Kin, Minh – Hieu Nguyen, Hana Varadzinová, Viliam Dočolomanský
Concept, director, choreographer: Viliam Dočolomanský
Directorial and choreographic assistance: Andrej Petrovič, Hana Varadzinová, Eliška Vavříková a Juraj Augustín
Music: Viliam Dočolomanský a Marcel Bárta, Hana Varadzinová, Vít Halška, Štěpán Janoušek
Dramaturgy: Jana Pilátová
Performed by: Andrej Petrovič, Rin Kin, Johanna Tengan, Hana Varadzinová, Marcel Bárta, Štěpán Janoušek, Vít Halška/ Jan Chalupa
Producer: Yvona Kreuzmannová

Premiere: 4.6.2018, DOX

55 min, no language barrier

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