Tanky na plovárně – dospívání v 60.tých letech – 24. 2. / 17:00 / Cancelled due to illness

24. 2. / 17:00 / Werichova vila


Documentary theatre performance for teenagers and their families. The 60s were a period of revolt and a desire for change almost all over the world. In Czechoslovakia, this wave brought about the attempt to renew socialism and to
abolish the totalitarian dominance of the Communist Party. The documentary performance featuring the witnesses – non-actors, is the third part of the series about significant Czech history periods.

Appearing: Renata Válová, Alena Laufrová, Jindra Synek
Directed by: Tisícihran (Tereza Durdilová, Eva Čechová, Tereza Vohryzková)
Screenings: Zdeněk Durdil
Lights: Zdeněk Durdil, Vojtěch Kopta

80 min, Czech

We are very sorry, performance is cancelled due to illness. 



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