THE DUSK OF A BRIGHT NEW DAY – 21. 2. / 16:00 / Studio ALTA

21.2. / 16:00 / Studio ALTA


The novel “All the World’s Mornings” was written in the early 1990s originally as ascreenplay for the film of the same name. The two Baroque composers Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe and Marain Marais meet in the play. The student comes to the master asking for a music lesson that gradually becomes a life lesson.

Directed by: Nina Jacques, Petr Erbes
Performed by: Maelane Auffray, Lucia Čižinská, Sebastian Jacques, Petr Kolman, Vratislav Šrámek, Mélusine de Pas
Scenography: Karolína Kotrbová, Klára Fleková
Production: Karolína Soukupová

Premiere: 22.srpna 2018, Theatrum KUKS

80 min, Czech

Supported by DAMU.

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