SPEKTRUM – 25. 2. / 16:00 / Studio ALTA

25. 2. / 16:00 / Studio ALTA

Johana Pocková

SPEKTRUM is a teamwork of a performer, a percussionist and a light design of vivid varied colours. Light refraction is a sudden turn between the white light and rainbow colours. Within humanity, a seemingly simple situation can at any time fall apart into uncertainty.  Searching for the right choice is often complex, sometimes it seems almost impossible. In this situation, we often suffer from indecisive stress, and yet the solution is often simple.

Choreography and Interpretation: Johana Pocková
Music: drummer Martin Ďurovič
Light design: Patrik Sedlák

Premiere: 21. 10. 2018, DUP39

17 min, no language barrier

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