The world is a wonderful place – 23.2. / 18:00 / Studio ALTA

23.2. / 18:00 / Studio ALTA


The world is a wonderful place to be born into where you can do many things.  Funny things. And love things. And high jinks. Sure. The world is a wonderful place to be born into. If you do not mind burning your fingers terribly from time to time. Time from time… Sure. The world is the best of all places. But you know, they do not sing not even in the heavens all the time …

A movement staging based on the poem The World is a Beautiful Place by American poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti from 1955. A production that is based on the original adaptation of this poem, movement
choreography, original music and live singing. A production that is like life itself – comic, tragic and ironic, full of hope and despair.

Author: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Sabina Machačová
Translation: Jan Zábrana
Direction: Juraj Augustín
Dramaturgy: Sabina Machačová
Music: Ondřej Kalužák
Stage design: Juraj Augustín
Costumes: Sabina Machačová
Production: Zuzana Drápalová, Simona Vaškovičová
Lights: Tomáš Tušer
Sound: Ondřej Kalužák
Actors: Lucie Hrochová, Petr Holík, Otakar Blaha, Veronika Bartošová
Supported by: Nadace Život Umělce and Brno-Střed

Premiere: 18. 2. 2018, Buran Teatr

55 min, no language barrier

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