Symposium: At the threshold of change – 17. 9. / Pražské kreativní centrum

17. 9. / Pražské kreativní centrum

One day symposium: The network of rehearsal spaces and studios is characteristic of every city with developed independent culture. However, this network is still missing in Prague, and perhaps we are now in the moment when the need for a new space that would secure a rehearsal process becomes inevitable.


Christoff Bleidt, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte (presentation of existing rehearsal house – presentation about the operation of such place)
Aurora Kellermann, Rehearsal Space Platform (presentation of Berlin indepedent art scene rehearsal spaces network)
Lucia Kašariová (Studio Alta – Venue)
Štěpán Kubišta (Association of independent theatres CZ – Independent association)
Hanka Třeštíková  (MČ Praha 7 // deputy of culture – city council representative)
Jiří Šimek (Ufftenživot – independent artist)

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