Telekinetic Assault Group – 22. 2. / 20:00, 23. 2. / 16:00, 20:00 / Punctum

22. 2. / 20:00, 23. 2. / 16:00, 20:00 / Punctum

Telekinetic Assault Group

The Telekinetic Assault Group loosely follows on a previous project of Cristina Maldonado What She Does. Here, the classic film material is remixed using hand-made visual collages and a set of projection devices. In this case, the B horror movie El Santo vs The Vampire Women. The story of the a cruel battle of a heroic wrestler against an army of bloodthirsty women is from the golden age of Mexican lucha libre horror of the early 1960s. However, in this reinterpretation by TAG, the main hero never appears on the screen, and the story focuses almost exclusively on the sexy vampires united around their queen. An adventure where the masculine and feminine principles intertwine is reduced to the female line, creating a whole new story, exaggerated by a new-age pro-feminist manifesto.

Visual priestess: Cristina Maldonado
Sound vampire:  Tarnovski
Voice wizard: Theresa Schrezenmeir

45 min, no language barrier


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