TICK TOCK THE TIMELINE CLOCK – 23.2. / 22:00 / Studio Hrdinů

23.2. / 22:00 / Studio Hrdinů


Tick tock the Timeline Clock investigates the learning processes of Artificial Intelligence, particularly regarding human behavior, desire, and value systems. The performer assumes the role of an embodied AI who is in training. She follows a pre-coded algorithm to answer the audience’s questions about life, the future, or anything at all. The information gathered feeds back into her learning process. Coding is not neutral; the audience’s biases are part of her development. Human-performing-AI-performing-Human. Things become real by collective agreement. The performance explores how truth is constructed and disseminated, the (de)construction of language and knowledge, and the poetic possibilities of a glitch.

Concept, performance: Lori Baldwin
Sound: Mikatsiu

25 min, English

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