Malá inventura FESTIVAL - PraGUE



Kavárna U Hrdinů, Dukelských hrdinů 407/26 Praha 7 – 170 00

Accreditation centre

Open hours: 22. – 28. 2. / 10 am – 6 pm

Contact for accreditations, festival info:

Magdalena Špačková: tel.:  + 420 775 117 000

Directly across from the Veletržní Palace.

The all-day coffee shop offers breakfast, soups and snacks for the evenings.



STUDIO ALTA: U Výstaviště 21, Praha 7

Festival centre

Open for festival guests: 22. – 24. 2.

Studio ALTA is a multicultural center and creative hub focused on contemporary dance. In the four industrial halls in Holešovice with an area of almost 1 800 m2 there is a theatre, two theatres for artistic research and creative workshops, studios and shared offices. The studio ALTA is dominated by bold, innovative works designed to inspire engagement, creativity, sharing, and constructive dialogue with otherness.



Studio Hrdinů, Veletržní palác: Dukelských hrdinů 530/47, Praha 7

Studio Hrdinů  is an open theatre space notable for its clearly defined dramaturgy and a distinctive circle of theatre collaborators. The main dramaturgical line is based on original arthouse directorial projects, with an emphasis on international productions, transcending genres and boundaries of artistic disciplines. Studio Hrdinů strives for a challenging, yet understandable dramaturgy. Formally, the production of Studio Hrdinů is drama, giving prominence to experimental approach and artistic aspects..


Divadlo Archa: Na Poříčí 1047/26, Praha 1

Archa is a centre for contemporary stage art, without regard to barriers of genre. Archa acts as a production house, where contemporary art is created and presented. Archa does not have a stable ensemble / its own performances are created as projects. Archa is a place for international confrontation of stage art. Archa is a place where different cultures meet. Archa presents its own performances not only in the spaces of the theatre, but also elsewhere, for example in public spaces. Archa places equal emphasis on the theatrical and social functions of the theatre.



PONEC – divadlo pro tanec: Husitská 899/24A, Praha 3

PONEC – the dance venue – is an award-winning project by Tanec Praha, celebrated for its artistic use of the former Ponec cinema in 1998. The concept of this first dance house – orprofessional venue for contemporary dance in the Czech Republic – received support from the Žižkov town hall and a 25-year contract, under the condition that the reconstruction of the run-down building would be completed and financed within three years. The main program of PONEC, which consists of productions by high-profile companies and artists carefully selected by the artistic management of Tanec Praha, also features interesting projects in cooperation with non-profit organizations, such as Bajkazyl, AutoMAT and others.


MeetFactory: Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha 5

MeetFactory is a non-profit international art center established in 2001 by artist David Černý. As a result of the floods in 2002 it was necessary to leave the original premises in Prague – Holešovice and the project was resurrected three years later in an industrial building in Prague’s Smíchov district, in a specific area between the motorway and the active railroad. The MeetFactory program features four dramaturgical lines – music, galleries, theatre, and a program of residential stays for artists. The theatre program focuses on the interpretation of contemporary prose and experimental interdisciplinary projects, often involving visual artists, musicians or non-actors.


Alfred ve dvoře: Františka Křížka 495/36, Praha 7

Alfred ve dvoře, produced by Motus Assoc., provides a space for live art, presenting progressive art and unique, original projects created by Czech artists, as well as work by artists and performers from other countries. At Alfred, theatre artists’, dancers’ experimental filmmakers’, musicians’ and visual artists’ paths cross. Nevertheless, it remains a common platform for experimental and contemporary theatre.

Venuše ve Švehlovce

Venuše ve Švehlovce: Slavíkova 1499/22, Praha 3

Venus in Švehlovec is a cultural center in the hall of Švehlova koleje. Represents a permanent scene for Depressed Children Desires for Money, Lachende Bestien and Chemical Theater. Space is also open to other events fitting into its artistic concept, including alternative theatre, workshops, recitals, screenings, dance performances and community perfectly adapted to creative residencies, shows, workshops, conferences, discussions, lectures, exhibitions and happenings.


La Fabrika: Komunardů 1001/30, Praha 7

La Fabrika is a cultural centre in the heart of the Holesovice district in Prague. From its inception La Fabrika was conceived as a multi-purpose establishment suitable for creating and presenting all kinds of audio and visual projects such as Concert and Theatre performances that require spatial solutions.

It is also commonly used for Media Exhibitions, Lectures and workshops.



Centrum současného umění DOX: Poupětova 3, Praha 7

Centrum současného umění DOX (The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art) is a multi-functional space created thanks to a private initiative through the reconstruction of a former factory in Prague’s Holešovice district. The name DOX is derived on the Greek word doxa, which among other things means a way of perceiving things, an opinion, a conviction. DOX’s programme differs from other similar exhibition institutions (the combination of a “kunsthalle” with a multifunctional cultural centre) primarily through art projects incorporating critical reflection on current social topics and issues overlapping with other “non-artistic” areas and disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, history, sociology, political science, etc.

DUP 39

Divadlo X10: Charvátova 39/10, Praha 1

Divadlo X10 is an open platform not only for contemporary theater but also for other types of live art. It is a collective of creative personalities seeking to create independent, critical thinking that reflects the world we live in. Divadlo X10 does not work only with existing dramatic texts, but also initiates the creation of entirely new theatrical plays that respond to the greatest extent to the needs to express an authentic and unique opinion to currently social events and the universal questions of human existence.


NoD: Dlouhá 33, 110 00 Staré Město

Theatre NoD is established scene for alternative theater in Prague. Starting from the 2016/17 season it is focused on original dramatic creations, chiefly with shows produced by the theatre itself. This line is completed with regular hosting of the creators of new generation of theater artists and renowned Czech experimental scene.

Cross club

Cross Club: Plynární 1096/23, Praha 7, Holešovice

The Cross club is a uniquely designed multicultural centre which houses a real crossroads of cultures and a variety of styles and genres in the centre of Prague Holešovice. For many years, the Cross club has been an integral part of the Prague cultural scene, respected not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. Its fascinating futuristic design, with many unusual artefacts, has given the club its unique identity. The Cross club´s space offers a wide range of possibilities. Music dramaturgy is focused on unconventional music genres both in live and electronic form. The Cross club presents high-quality bands and artists from the Czech republic as well as from abroad, ranging from dubstep to hardcore.


Národní Galerie v Praze - Veletržní palác: Dukelských Hrdinů 47, 170 00 Praha 7

The National Gallery in Prague was established by and its activity is based on Law No. 148/1949 Coll. on the National Gallery in Prague. The original idea that has lasted since the establishment of the National Gallery has been present in all the complicated peripeties of the Gallery’s development: to elevate the nation’s spirit through works of art. This ideal is considered the mission of the National Gallery even today.


Werichova vila: U Sovových mlýnů 501/7, Praha 1

The Werich Villa Art Centre is an open multicultural platform offering permanent exhibitions as well as theatre performances, concerts, lectures, discussions and creative workshops for a wide spectrum of visitors. The Werich Villa, together with the nearby Kampa Museum art gallery, was established and is operated by the Jan and Meda Mládek Foundation.

The permanent exhibitions in the Werich Villa and the program of live and performance arts are oriented primarily on the life and work of the actor, playwright and writer, Jan Werich.

The Wrich Villa is a meeting point of all generations thanks to its wide cultural offer and the interest of enthusiastic visitors and public.




Palác Akropolis is a maze of cultural events. Centre of independent culture offering unique music, theatre and art projects.

Palác Akropolis organise support for experimental, nonverbal and physical theatre projects. They provide a scene for art groups with traditions in community theatre, social-criticism performance whichfocuses on current social issues.



Petrohradská: Petrohradská 438/13, Praha 10-Vršovice

Petrohradská kolektiv z.s. was founded in 2015 by Daniel Konopáč and Edita Štrajtová with the aim of supporting young and emerging artists, currently via the Petrohradská 1.2.3. project. By transforming the building of a former chocolate factory, proposed for demolition, into a studio complex, we are able to host almost 60 artists and creative professionals in 38 studios. Our aim is to, despite the inevitably temporary nature of our stay here in this complex, offer a workspace to our residents and collaborators, thus creating an inspiring cultural environment in the heart of Prague´s Vršovice.

Studio Paměť

Sudio Paměť: Soukenická 29, Praha 1

Studio Paměť offers an alternative to established Prague spaces with dramaturgy based mainly on contemporary authorial theater and soul / blues music. The space is located right in the center near Dlouhá Street. The events take place in a smaller cellar.

Studio Paměť tries to implement a program scheme consisting of theater performances, concerts, literary evenings, dance to live music and exhibitions. 


A Studio Rubín

A Studio Rubín, Malostranské nám. 9, Praha 1

A Studio Rubín is a independent theater located in the historical center of Prague in the cellar of the “House of the Three Crowns” on Malostranske namesti. In its fifty years of existence, it has gained the name of an unique scene in Czech theater culture, which in all its stages focused on the author’s productions and the emergence of new theater texts. Contemporary dramaturgy A of the Rubin studio focuses on more intimate, more subdued and subtle themes that look at broader social perspectives.




VALDSTEJN LOGGIA - Jičín - Sedličky 4, 506 01

Albrecht of Valdstejn established his prestigious suburban villa, now the Loggia and the adjacent Libosad park, at the foot of Zebin hill. The selected location enabled the garden to be equipped with fountains and water to be drawn to fill large pools. The complex was never finished. However, the Loggia’s terrace is the place where five landscape axes meet, the ends of which point to the sunsets and sunrises on the equinoxes and solstices. The stage of the Duke’s grand courtly feasts should probably also have been the refuge for this great character, whose life was governed by the horoscope and astrology.


DIOD - Tyršova 1565/12, Jihlava

This relatively new space for independent projects is located in the building of Sokol Jihlava, which was recentely reconstructed. It has been opened since 1.4.2011. As a cultural center of the region Vysocina, we offer technicaly well equipped “black box” with variable space settings and capacity, therefore it can be easily adjusted to different requirements. Dramaturgy of this theatre is wide open and it offers realization of the artistical and social projects of regional authors and event organizers. We also host drama and dance projects from all over the country and thereby we expand the awareness about contemporary art in the region. DIOD has an ambition to become a center, where social and artistical questions will be discussed and where the community life and the values of civil society will be fulfilled. With foundation of DIOD the new important spot appeared on the map of Czech Republic for all independent ensembles to present themselves and create.



Kredance operates in the České Budějovice since 2010 and its activities are directed toward the theatre, public and virtual space. Kredance is focus on contemporary dance and motion theatre. Kredance is open to all who are open to new ideas, creativity and active approach to life. Kredance aims to create a friendly environment for meetings of artists and supporters of contemporary art in the South Bohemia.


KLUB ART - Beethovenova, Opava

Klub ART – modern clubhouse space with capacity for 70-250 people. Visitors can attend musical evenings (rock, jazz, electronics, alternative), dance evenings or  theater performances (Malá inventura Opava). The club also hosts a number of alternative cultural events within traditional city festivals, and regularly also Jeden svět Festival.

VZBUĎME VARY: Karlovy Vary

VZBUĎME VARY: Karlovy Vary

The Wake Up Vary is an NGO whose mission is to liven up a spa zone and other areas of the town of Karlovy Vary since 2015.  It focuses on contemporary art forms, including new theater, dance, and site-specific artistic interventions, and helps to create space for their presentation and reception. The organization does not have a building or performance space of its own which is a limitation as well as a dramaturgical challenge. The year-round program of events thus takes place in the public space as well as inside various artistic and non-artistic halls, rooms, cafés, and roofs.