And where do you live? / 26. 2. / Venuše ve Švehlovce

26. 2. / 20.00 / Venuše ve Švehlovce


The number of inhabitants on our planet is constantly growing. There are plans and concepts of future housing where people in cities are able to share their houses in an effective way. At the same time there is a trend of deliberate isolation from others, moving to the countryside, meditation in the forest, and a tight protection of private space. And then there are those who cannot choose, who do not fulfil the conditions of a mortgage, who do not have a standard family, who have not finished their studies successfully, and who have not started their careers in a good way. In the background there is the following question: how to protect your own independence on the minimal space.

Directed by: Zuzana Burianová
Concept: Zuzana Burianová, Roman Černík, Matěj Samec a kolektiv
Dramaturgical cooperation: Matěj Samec, Roman Černík
Art cooperation: Bio Masha
Light design: Jonáš Špaček
Sound: kolektiv
Produced by: Roman Černík a JOHAN z.ú.
Production cooperation: Petra Štěpánová
Technical support: Petr Beránek


Supported by

Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, City of Pilsen, JOHAN z.ú.

The performance was supported by financial contribution of the Grant Program for supporting artists participating in residential stays in the City of Pilsen.



10th Septemeber 2019, Moving Station Plzeň


75 minutes, in Czech with English subtitles


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Photo by Vít Štaif

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