Appearances Are Deceptive / 24. 2. / Studio Hrdinů

24. 2. / 20:00 / Studio Hrdinů


In a monologue on the craving for absolute artistic perfection the directors have primarily accentuated the strong and almost autobiographical line, in which the leading role is given to an artist driven by circumstances into a personal and artistic cul-de-sac. He wages a self-destructive fight with loneliness and is paralysed by the unattainable perfectionism which he despotically demands from his surroundings. In their interpretation of Bernhard’s play Horák and Pěchouček intentionally entrusted the roles of two elderly brothers – an actor and an acrobat – to a single actor. The other actor in the performance is a symbolic character representing the female element and arriving from the world of physical theatre. In a sense, all actors are fools Even the greatest ones Even the most celebrated ones They run away from their mediocrity But mediocrity will catch up with them All without exception.


Author: Thomas Bernhard
Translation: Jaroslav Bílý, Josef Balvín
Director and dramaturgy: J. Horák a M. Pěchouček
Scene: J. Horák a M. Pěchouček, Eliška Brtnická
Costumes: Tereza Kopecká
Music: Natálie Pleváková
Choreography: Eliška Brtnická
Light design: Marek Koštial
Acting: Eliška Brtnická / Bára Bartoňová, Ivan Lupták


Supported by

Praha 7, Státní fond kultury



24th March 2019, Studio Hrdinů


70 minutes, in Czech


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Photo by Vojtěch Brtnický

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