Ascent / Descent / 23. 2. / Cross Club

23. 2. / 14:00/ Cross Club

Ascent / Descent is a spatial and temporal commentary to issues of growth, borders of individual comfort or the position of humans in the unstable present. 

How can we in our accelerated, competitive society rise and not become slaves of own ascension, but still be discovering the joy of self-improvement and inner growth? How much can we slow down without stopping entirely?  Can we descend but not to touch the socioeconomic bottom?
Is it possible to ascend horizontally? 

Ascent / Descent is a one-day event dedicated to the medium of performance art during which both audience members and artists will be repeatedly ascending and descending the staircase. It is a live installation open for free movement, happening in usually inaccessible sections of the Cross Club, multicultural center in Holešovice: its upper floors, aisles, staircases, and selected studios.

Curators: Antonín Brinda, Petr Dlouhý
Production: Performance Crossings – international performance art festival
Co-production: Malá inventura 2020
Participating artists: Alois Yang, Antonín Brinda, In Sáček Veritas, Miloš Šejn, Roza Pogosian and Soyoung Bae, Tereza Silon


180 minutes (come whenever you want), free entrance, unlimited capacity, no language barrier

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