BOXINBOX / 28. 2. / Studio Alta

28.2. / 18:00 / Studio Alta


Dance performance for four dancers and boxes. Order versus chaos. An error in the system? Boxinbox is a minimalistic movement performance using 3D motion sensors that are placed on four boxes. The usage of these boxes and its sounds are the main focus of this performance. The sounds of the individual boxes are created and programmed in the way that they symbolize individual creatures, entities and their characteristic features. They are all different, but they complete the whole.

Choreography and concept: Mirka Eliášová
Electroacoustic music, interactive props: Jiří Jakl
Dancing: Lucie Charouzová, Jana Novorytová, Mish Rais, Roman Zotov-Mikshin
Light design: Jiří Hajdyla


Supported by

Magistrát HMP, Státní fond kultury ČR, Nadace Život umělce, HTSpE, Studio ALTA, Taneční aktuality



17th December 2019 Studio Alta


50 minutes, no language barrier


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Photo by Anna Benháková a Vojtěch Brtnický



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