Illusionist / 28. – 29. / Alfred ve dvoře

28.2. / 20:00 / Alfred ve dvoře

29. 2. / 18:00 / Alfred ve dvoře

Wariot Ideal

During one night, a theatre lover and a notorious amateur shows everything that all experts in scenic arts would like to see – opera, western, ballet and horror. An epochal masterpiece of the king of illusions will be presented. Right in front of the viewers, he will present the grand theatre.  Genres, roles and costumes change at a fast pace and our hero doesn’t even notice that he himself is the prisoner in the world of illusions. Wariot Ideal group with the one-man cabaret of Vojta Švejda called Illusionist goes back to its roots and continues a former successful clown show called Bliss or Albert se bojí. New work is however not a mere way back to the modern pantomime or clown show, it is a severe eclectic mix of all accessible disciplines presented on stage. Vojta Švejda presents a classical antihero that tries to play a grand theatre play in grimy stage set, whatever it takes.


Acting: Vojta Švejda
Director: Petr Forman
Music: Jan Kalivoda
Light design: Jan Dőrner
Production manager: Milena Dőrnerová
Technical cooperation: Petr Horký and Jan Niesyt
Visual cooperation: Josef Sodomka
Costumes: Lenka Polášková, realized at studio LenMi
Graphic designer: Štěpán Malovec
PR manager: Eliška Míkovcová


Supported by

Hlavní město Praha, Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Státní fond kultury, Motus



28th November 2019, Alfred ve dvoře


50 minutes, in Czech


Tickets: 28. 2. a 29. 2.


Photo Jana Láberová a Bohouš Pospíšil


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