Johannes Hoffmann: Hals zu kurz / 22. 2. / Studio Hrdinů

22.2. /20:00 / Studio Hrdinů


This play focuses on human flexibility, getting to know yourself, and personal belonging to a certain society. It is a comparison of individual faith within a society and a region that once belonged to Eastern Europe even though it lies in Central Europe. The central character that prepares herself for her own death asks herself who she actually was, what she is now, and what her legacy is. All this serves as a space for questioning the purpose of the state and the nation, the basis for European relations between the West and the East.

Directed by: Jiří Honzírek
Performing: Lucie Ingrová a Kristina Günther
Stage setting: Jiří Honzírek
Costumes: Kristýna Břečková
Music: Matěj Kotouček
Sound and light design: Jiří Honzírek a Jan Neugebauer
Subtitles: Kristýna Břečková
Produced by: Jan Sebastian Frei


Supported by

Ministrerstvo kultury, Statutární město Brno, Nadace život umělce



31st March, Industra, Brno


90 minutes, in Czech and German with Czech and German subtitles


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Foto Jan Vrba

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