Lecture: Kjell Moberg and Ådne Sekkelsten: Theatre for a young audience in Norway / 22. 2. / Studio ALTA

22. 2. / 15:00 / Studio ALTA

Ådne Sekkelsten is a CEO of Scenekunstbruket and a director of Showbox festival. Kjell Moberg is a leader of EU-project: T.E.E.N and a dramaturgist of Showbox festival.

Showbox is an international festival of performing arts for children and young people, organized by Scenekunstbruket. Every year in December, at several venues in Oslo we present a varied range of innovative contemporary performances of different genres and formats. Showbox is a festival, a showcase and a meeting point for artists, organizers and everyone whose interest lies in performing arts for a young audience.

Scenekunstbruket – The Norwegian Network for Performing Arts, is the largest nationwide provider of performing arts for a young audience in Norway. We ensure that children and young people from age 0–20 years, regardless of background and domicile, will experience professional performing arts.

The lecture is supported by EEA and Norway Grunts – Bilateral Relations.

Free entrance.

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