Presenting, mediating, and defending conterporary theatre in the regions of the Czech Republic / 26. 2. / Café U Hrdinů

26. 2. / 14:00 – 16:00 / café U Hrdinů

Panel discussion loosely based on a round table that took place in November 2019 within the Autumn meeting of the Czech cultural network Nová síť in Žďár nad Sázavou.

What are the dramaturgic strategies and methods of engaging the audience within smaller towns and villages? How to present new theatre trends to audiences in small towns?

These are the questions that are not only directed towards the abilities of a dramaturges, but also reveal and enhance the progressive trends in the modern theatre. It checks the knowledge of the local environment and a sensitive engagement of the audience as a tool for continuous development and cultivation of culture in the given region.

Concrete examples: programme special that among more general programme features more thought provoking projects; to specialize in one type of theatre production and develop it into a festival. There is a strong authority of the dramaturges and culture centre heads that make the audience aware of the performance benefits that may not be clear to them at the beginning. Creative ways for example in openings by dramaturges, journeys to see a different theatre, etc.

#  What are the other strategies that may make the independent theatre more accessible to the general public? (what is standard in big cities may become completely incomprehensible, unacceptable, and untrustworthy in small towns)

#  What are the obstacles during creating more demanding dramaturgy and how important is the long-term effort?

#  Is it possible to find some potentially duplicated criteria of a project that finds its audience in small towns? Is it worth it at all to be looking for such an “universal” project?

#  What is the feedback from the regions to modern theatre? Isn’t it actually more like that the regions serve as a holding space to isolate the big cities? Could the outskirts be in this sense as some kind of sphere of a collective isolated city culture?

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