Paper! / 25. – 26. 2. / Veletržní palác – promenade (For kids)

25. 2. / 14:00 / Veletržní palác – promenade
26. 2. / 14:00 / Veletržní palác – promenade

For kids, age 5+


Pa Pa Pa scrunch, Pa weeee, Pa bang,

Pe pa, yank! Pa pe swing, Pa pe RRRRR!

Tadaaaaa! Paperrrrr!

I don’t pick paper, I don’t pat paper. One paper for all, all for the paper.

Rock, paper, scissors? Tear it up with paper!

A huge roll of paper, a pile of musical instruments, two actors and three musicians. Paper lives its own life. And what if other partners join in, spin it and play the magical music with us?

What will you do with paper that’s bigger than you? Will you let it wrap you up?

Concept: Linda Straub, Mathias Straub
Performing: Radim Klásek, Linda Straub / Michaela Stará
Musicians: Matěj Heinzl, Šimon Janák, David Lomič
Directed by: Linda Straub
Stage design: Mathias Straub
Produced by: Denisa Samková


Supported by

Státní fond kultury, Ministerstvo kultury, Magistrát hl. m. Prahy, Iniciativa pro Invalidovnu, Nadace Život Umělce a Praha 3



22nd May 2019, Invalidovna


50 minutes, no language barrier



Photo by Vojtěch Brtnický



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