Prague is not Czech / 22. 2. / as a part of Malá inventura party

22.2., 21:30 / as a part of Malá inventura party

Kolektiv Intelektrurálně

It’s easy to find fun in a big city. Prague offers limitless ways to spend free time. Potential visitors, viewers and consumers are bombarded from all sides by a wide range of programme which creates the illusion of ideal free time. The ever-watching market freeloads all levels of city life and culture.

On the other hand, there are still many places that simply only exist. Places where there is nothing and nothing awaits you, nobody is interested in you. In these places, you need to simply make an effort. Find something interesting on your own, find the will for dialogue, stare two hours into the wall, find the biggest tree in the forest, let a hairdresser do your hair in the Yveta’s hair studio. Watch but let them watch you. This is the real DIY fun; ready-made lives of the others, local marketing strategies, ready-made tourism.

The differences city-countryside, visitor-tourist, travel agency-art project, culture specific- internationally understandable stop being important in our universe. At one moment, we can endeavor to be all this and in other cases the collective strength is culturally specified only by shouting the slogan (PRAGUE IS NOT THE CZECH REPUBLIC!) in all directions around the local market.


Creative team: Adam Dudek, Andrea Dudková, Anna Chrtková, Eva Sýkorová



6th-16th June 2019, Prague Quadrennial


English friendly


Photo by Pavlína Taubingerová

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