Malá inventura is a showcase of the most significant projects in the field of new theatre that were created in the independent theatre scene over the last year. The festival in 2020 presented the best theatrical groups representing the 13 home venues of the festival, established projects of both Czech and foreign artists active on the Prague independent scene, as well as talented new artists.

During the 18th Malá inventura festival, we presented the works of Petr Forman, Spitfire Company, Handa Gote research&development, Wariot Ideal, Depresivní dětí touží po penězích, JEDL (Nebeský, Trmíková, Prachař), Teatr Novogo Fronta, 11:55, Tereza Hradílková, Viktor Černický, Katharina Schmitt, Jan Mocek and many others.

For ten days, Malá inventura became a live hub of networking done by theatre groups and professionals, art groups, performers, and also the wider professional community. The joint meetings brought about idea sharing and checking, discussions on current topics, initiating new cooperation, and support artists to be performed at other festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The independent theatre showcase is complemented by a large accompanying programme that also includes other scenes for independent performing arts in Prague. It presented international projects from Berlin, showed interesting projects that have been made in various regions of the Czech Republic (REGIONS), as well as other supplementary activities such as children’s programmes.

Festival Malá inventura is organized by NOVÁ SÍŤ in cooperation with Festival Venues, partners in the regions of the Czech Republic and individual projects (Czech Theatre DNA Awards, PRALIN, ad.). Since 2017, the festival has been awarded the European quality label EFFE (Europe for Festivals Festivals for Europe).


Malá inventura festival focuses on independent, experimental theatre that overlap the spheres of dance, physical and movement theatre; devised theatre that often uses language as its dominant means of expression; social and documentary theatre that experiments with various different forms of interaction and participation of the audience; visual art theatre with strong architectural space perception, emphasis on the visual side and using all possibilities of the modern technologies and light design; last but not least, puppet, object, conceptual and music theatre that emphasises sound experiments or live music on stage.

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