PUZZLE / 21. 2. / Studio hrdinů

21.2. / 18:00 / Studio hrdinů


Puzzle is a choreography for the group of performers in which the authors contemplate the dynamics of democratic society while focusing on the characteristic features of the individuals. The conflict between extroverts and introverts is a dominant feature of the group dynamics and often plays its role while trying to gain a harmonic society. In modern Western culture, extroverts are preferred and endorsed, and leadership is seen as exclusively for extroverts. On the other hand, the eastern philosophy understands that a real leader is often not so visible.

Is it possible to find common values among these contrasts? Is it possible to create a society where everybody has the same space for faithfully sharing their thoughts? How to find the middle ground between noisy and quit, without either side feeling misplaced outside their comfort zone? How to secure this balance in an easy way?


Art team: Anna Jirmanová, Dorota Hořanská, Daniela Kolková, Jan Štrachal, Heidi Sinková, Barbora Kurtinová, Pavel Vitt


Supported by

MKČR, Statutární město Ostrava, Kulturní centrum Cooltour Ostrava z. ú.



11th September 2019, Cooltour Ostrava


45 minutes, in Czech


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Photo by Eva Šlosarová

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