Reality Hack / 26. 2. / Kavárna u Hrdinů

26. 2. / 16:00 / Kavárna u Hrdinů – Accreditation centre of the festival

lecture performance

Reality Hack is a discussion platform maintained by Petr Dlouhy, the curator of the PRALIN program, accompanied by a lecture-performance from Berlin artist Evgenia Chetvertkova. It opens up hacking as a tasteful and systemic principle in a direct contact with reality. Reality is presented as socially shared patterns and frameworks of the senses and presents hacking as the shaking of time and space in which we sense it.

Reality hacking may be a creative tool to bypass the unsurpassable, often bureaucratic, often non-emphatic, often closed, privileged borders of the art space and how to apply in a positive sense the freeloading formats that benefit from what there is and meanwhile enriching them with something that should not be there in common patterns. At the same time, hacking may be an aesthetic, questioning what our reality can take, where are the hard borders dividing it from fiction and what kind of meeting will be brought by its disruption. Hacking is shown as a positive transgression.

Evgenia Chetvertkova is a performer, dancer, and choreographer based in Berlin, where she graduated at SODA (Solo/Dance/Authorship) Master at HZT (Inter-University Center for Dance). Experience gathered through this programme has become a turning point in her artistic development. Since then she applies her multigenre skills in dance, choreography, psychology, costume design and video in research on formats of experimental, participative events. Core of her recent work, linked with the independent collective “CoCompany” lies in blurring the borders between reality and fiction, between the obvious and the unexpected.


60 minutes, in English, free entrance

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