Six Tales of Creation and Demise / 23. 2. / Petrohradská kolektiv

23. 2. / 17:00 / Petrohradská kolektiv

Petrohradská kolektiv

“What happens when the human uniqueness and limited individuality, that the Western philosophy and political economy keeps constantly talking about, happen to be unimaginable in the technical sciences, natural or social?” Donna Haraway, Staying with the Trouble. Petrohradská kolektiv invites you to a night dedicated to telling stories, that does not place an individual in the centre, even less likely the human, but life. The life flourishing, growing, mutating, nomad and domesticated, natural and social. The evening dedicated to telling stories that are connected by one line – instead of the object, the process is in the centre, the system, not the individual is in the centre. Instead of the human life, the focus is on the geological, cell, system time, the time of the end. Six stories, the universe of cyclical facts, whose poetic theme is based on gravitation, coevolution, molecular dynamics and cell division. The scenic concert is based on the storytelling principles and it is the result of work by the team lead by director Petr Gonda.


Concept, script, direction: Peter Gonda
Producer, consultant: Dominika Andrašková
Music dramaturgy: Michal Cáb, Jonatán Pastyrčák
Scene: Matěj Sýkora
Light design: Tomáš Morávek
Acting: Anna Bubníková, Julie Goetzová, Johana Schmidmajerová


Supported by

Petrohradská kolektiv, MHMP, SFK, MČ Praha 10



12nd June 2019, Petrohradská kolektiv


2 x 60 minutes, in Czech with English subtitles


This event is sold out.


Photo by Petrohradská kolektiv


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