The Fourth Monkey / 24. – 26. 2. / Alfred ve dvoře

24.2. / 18:00 / Alfred ve dvoře

25.2. / 20:00 / Alfred ve dvoře

26.2. / 18:00 / Alfred ve dvoře

Handa Gote Research&Development

Technological mystery by Marshall McLuhan and others. “Does it happen to you that you are sitting comfortably on a sofa and you just cannot reach the table or the remote control or a biscuit? This robotic hand will change your life. You don’t have to bend over or get up off the sofa. Simply get this robotic hand which has a built-in mechanism that will allow you to grab anything off the table. The thumb is not movable, the other fingers can be moved be a rod.” A dark grotesque, telling the story of telling the future poorly, time-travel and of rituals stored in a cell memory. The technological enhancements of the body, consciousness and transformation in the world of radionics guinea pigs playing a terrible soundtrack on a machine without parts. The fourth monkey Shizaru is the last of the wise monkeys of a common Buddhistic representation of three monkeys covering their eyes, years and mouth. Shizaru represents the motto “I do no harm” but is usually missing in the pictures or statues.


Creative team: Dörner, Hybler, Ganfield, Svatoš, Procházka, Švábová, Kalivodová, Housková, Zika, Jiřička



Supported by

Ministerstva kultury ČR, hlavní město Praha



19th November 2019, Alfred ve dvoře


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60 minutes, no language barrier


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