The Smallest of the Sami / 21. – 22. 2. / Cross Attic (For kids)

21. 2. 15:00, 16:00 / Cross Attic
22. 2. 15:00, 16:00 / Cross Attic

For kids, age 5+

Československé Klacky

Behind the polar circle, where the frosts and coldness reign, there is a land of Lapps. They look after their reindeer herds and, when the animals have nothing to eat any more, the herdsmen join them and set off for a journey seeking food. One day, even the youngest Sami joins the others on the journey. He does not know what’s awaiting him, but he courageously heads on.

Direction: Johana Bártová
Dramaturgy: Československé klacky
Music: Jakub Šulík a Matěj Šubera
Scenography: Jakub Šulík
Actors: Jakub Šulík, Matěj Šumbera, Johana Bártová


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28th January 2019, DAMU


Photo by Johana Bártová

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