Two words about dance

Informal discussion with the performers after the festival performances end hosted by the journalists from the Taneční aktuality.

Do not immediately set off home full of enquiry or doubt. Have a drink, sit down comfortably, and join us in our discussions about dance. Share your experience. Ask. Find out what goes on in the minds of our performers that present their work to you. Reflect on your experience, share your emotions, associations, and questions. Listen to what other people have seen.

We believe that instantly sharing our experiences and emotions may lead to fascinating discussions on not only the particular work, but it may lead us to elaborate on the background of the whole field. A dialogue creates a bridge between the artists and the audience. It searches for common words for visual, tactile, and physical perceptions, images, and feelings. Together, we can find new ways to think and reflect on the modern arts.

FRIDAY / 21.2.
18:00 / Walrus Vampire Show / Alfred ve dvoře / IN ENGLISH

SATURDAY / 22.2.
18:00 / Kvint et Sense / Studio ALTA

SUNDAY / 23.2.
18:00 / Kouzelník Hirošima / Divadlo Archa

MONDAY / 24.2.
20:00 / Nepřestávej / Ponec – divadlo pro tanec

18:00 / Roselyne / Studio ALTA

THURSDAY / 27.2.
16:00 / Ženy z hlíny / Studio ALTA


In Czech and English (bilingual)

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