Walrus Vampire Show / 21. 2. / Alfred ve dvoře

21.2. / 18:00 / Alfred ve dvoře

Pasi Mäkelä

Vampire Walrus, who is supposedly gender-free, threatened close to extinction, has been forced to leave the melting northern pole and sustain itself as a performance artist in Central Europe.

The world of The Walrus Vampire Show is found in the non-sense art (e.g. Lewis Carroll). It plays with aspects of stage art, off-off theatre, stand-up comedy, butoh dance, slapstick comedy, performance art, and fairytale theatre, combining Mäkelä’s own and fictitious characters with and without warning.

The Walrus Vampire is a physical solo performance. The language of expression is partly based on previous long-term performance projects by Pasi Mäkelä (Uuno Turhabuto 2002-2006 and Tonttu 2013-2017), which were largely based on his studies of Japanese butoh dance, but it also takes the expression in to a fresh direction, toying with the contemporary performance art idioms. Performance is divided into choreographed sections with plenty of room for improvisation. The purpose is to make each presentation a bit different, so that the performance develops and lives somewhat in every time its performed.

Creative team: Pasi Mäkelä, Šimon janíček, Jan Kalivoda


Supported by

Motus z.s. produkce, Alfred ve dvoře



28th March 2019, Alfred ve dvoře


60 minutes, English



Photo by Anna Baštýřová

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