Dear Guests,

Welcome to the 19th edition of the Malá inventura Festival! Every year, the festival takes place at the end of February in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Because “We Love Offline,” the festival is held at more than ten local venues live, albeit only for a selected number of professionals and the artistic community from the Czech Republic. Despite that please do not despair, for we have prepared a programme especially for you, our international guests, who cannot join us in Prague in person this year. 

To our great regret, the pandemic situation has not improved, the Czech Republic including, and it is more vital than ever to focus on maintaining a critical infrastructure and relationships within the field (of performing arts). From a long-term perspective, it is the most important thing we must take care of together. We consider you—our dear guests, dramaturges, curators, festival and venue directors, cultural managers, critics, and pedagogues—our key allies among artists and their audiences who are deprived this year of experiencing the festival in person. 

In this email, you will find important information regarding your online access to the festival. Would you like to know what the festival has to offer you? Would you care to stay in touch with us? Then please continue on reading!

On behalf of our entire festival team, we would like to thank you for helping us make this exceptional edition of Malá inventura Festival happen. 

Adriana Světlíková /Festival Director/ and Petr Pola /Artistic Director/ 



# Most online events will be open to the public on Malá inventura FB and Malá inventura YouTube channel

We highly recommend the Opening of Malá inventura Festival, conceived for us by PiNKBUS, a platform for young queer artists. The tradition of Prague cabarets and variety shows has found a more daring successor for the 21st century—the tradition of drag queens. You can watch the opening on MI Facebook or MI YouTube Channel

Enjoy interviews with guests of the video podcast Life on Air on MI Facebook or MI YouTube Channel. The programme highlights include a conversation with Petr Pola, Artistic Director of the Malá inventura Festival, and with Marta Ladjánszki, dancer and choreographer (L1 Association HU), which will be interpreted into English. Other interviews will be made available to you with English subtitles later. 

Our Guided Tours will take you on a unique journey to visit six Prague venues for contemporary theatre. We have set up tours with dramaturges of the venues using a 360° camera lens, so don’t anticipate anything boring. See with your own eyes that culture in Prague is alive! You can follow the tours daily on MI Facebook or MI YouTube Channel.

Every year, we organize a networking event—artists presentations in a form of a project exchange market Take His Breath Away! This year it will be only presented only online. You can join the event on MI Facebook or MI YouTube Channel.

Are you planning a project in Prague or a collaboration with Czech artists? Are you just curious to learn more about conditions for performing arts projects in the Czech Republic? We are delighted to invite you to Pralin Seminar which explores the system of funding of independent arts in Prague as well as projects of international collaboration. Please register through ZOOM or simply join us on  MI YouTube Channel.


## We are thrilled to invite you to our exclusive ONLINE SHOWCASE OF MALÁ INVENTURA FESTIVAL, which will take place from 22 to 26 February, 18:00 – 20:00. The ten featured performances will be presented either in an English friendly format or as language-barrier free.

### As a bonus, we have prepared for you an INTERACTIVE FESTIVAL CATALOGUE that contains information about the forty performances selected for the festival programme. Plus, it will give you a temporary access to the recordings of the shows!!!

Access to the online showcase and the interactive festival catalogue will be sent to you upon request.


For up-to-date information, visit the Malá inventura Festival website and the festival Facebooku.

Should you have any questions, please email us at barborahrebikova@novasit.cz, with technical questions, contact petrkiska@novasit.cz.



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